Recognizing Your Stress – Where it Comes from and How to Manage It

A little bit of stress in everyday life is normal. It’s nearly impossible to avoid. Sometimes, a little stress can even be a good thing! But, when you’re overly-stressed, your life can feel like a battle field on a daily basis.
There are different types of stress to consider. The most common are ‘acute stress,’ which is an immediate reaction to a situation, or ‘chronic stress,’ which feels like a constant, longer-lasting problem. It is chronic stress that can take over your life, and even cause your health to suffer if it isn’t managed correctly.

What Are Your Common Stressors?
Everyone has different ‘triggers’ that can cause stress in their lives. Some of the most common triggers include things like:

* Big life changes
* Sudden events
* Workplace environment
* Social situations
* Underlying fears
* Lack of control

Again, triggers are different for everyone and aren’t limited to this list. But, it’s important to know what makes you feel stressed. The more you can understand your personal stressors, the easier it can be to manage your stress levels, and reduce the chance of experiencing chronic stress. When you recognize what’s causing you stress, you’ve already taken the first step toward getting it under control.

The good news? You don’t have to figure it out on your own. We can help you sort out what might be triggering your stress, so together, we can figure out the best management solution.
How to Manage Your Stress

Stress can’t be fully ‘treated.’ There will always be different stressors throughout life. But, knowing how to effectively manage it can make a big difference in how you’re able to live your life. There are lifestyle changes and choices you can actively make that can help you get your stress under control. Just like there are different triggers for everyone, there are different management options for everyone, too. Some of the most popular solutions include:

* Changing your diet
* Getting more exercise
* Meditation/Breathing exercises
* Time management
* Talking to someone

Different relaxation techniques can make a big difference in how you’re able to manage your stress levels. Finding a technique that works for you is the most important thing. Sometimes, just talking to someone or journaling your experiences can help to bring your stress to the forefront. Again, recognizing what triggers it is the first step in managing it.

It’s not always easy to recognize our triggers, especially when stress becomes less acute and more chronic. But, if it isn’t properly managed, it can do everything from ruin your relationships and career, to take hold of other aspects of your health.

Stress Management Help

Even though stress is a part of everyday life, it can become a problem for some people. Don’t feel as though you have to deal with it alone. Even though it’s common, it’s not something that should be ignored when you find it affecting your life in negative ways.

Let us help you when it comes to recognizing what might be causing the most stress in your life. Sometimes, recognizing your triggers can be one of the biggest factors in reducing the amount of stress you experience on a regular basis. Stress itself might be normal, but it doesn’t have to consume your life, your relationships, or your health. Together, we’ll find ways to manage your stress levels, so you can take your common stressors and work through them in a healthy way.

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